The Trash Trolls team is a group of three students at the University of California, Davis brought together to envision and create innovative solutions to large scale social, cultural, and environmental problems as part of the Biodesign Challenge ( Our team is founded on the notion that when working towards a cleaner and safer environment, even one extra person makes a difference. We believe that every single person has an impact on our world and that it is up to each one of us to make the decision to show our love and appreciation for nature's beauty.



Ale is a senior at UC Davis. She is a design major who hopes to pursue a career in product design. She is originally from Southern California where she discovered her passion for the outdoors by hiking through the foothills of the Sierras and swimming in the Pacific Ocean.



Devyn is a third year Global Disease Biology major at the University of California, Davis. He spent many years in the Eastern Sierra developing a love for the mountains. He's worked as a restoration technician for the Forest Service and outside of work and school he explores and dedicates his time to wilderness.

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River is a third year Environmental Science and Management major at the University of California, Davis. He grew up in a rural area of northern California, where he gained a deep appreciation of nature through years spent exploring the redwood forests and tide pools of the Pacific North Coast. He became interested in community service from a young age thanks to the philanthropy of his parents and has spent his free time over the last decade as a volunteer for numerous environmental groups.